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We are now the technology partners for YieldMore, a venture for quality and holistic progress.


Imran is equally adept with business analysis and development.


.Net, php, jquery, wordpress, yii, vba/vsto, and enterprise level winforms/wcf/asp mvc.


From ’95 to ’98, Imran was learning the intricacies of inventory, service, accounting at ganiandsons.
Then from ’98 to ’05, he was involved in electronics RnD, hobby projects and tower clocks.
Since 2000 hes been a dedicated developer and employed since 2006 (post graduation).

Experience (.Net)

  • Worked for 2 years for a website that sells English courses online, for both their marketing pages and their social network.
  • Built custom ORM frameworks and conversion monitoring tools for an ERP application being migrated to .Net
  • Written WCF / NHibernate based backend for a Silverlight application for processing and servicing mortgage loans.
  • Written ADO.Net based micro ORM for a winforms app that collaborates worldwide repair centers for an OEM.
  • An Asp MVC 3 app dealing with corporate gifting, point redemption and manufacturer bulk purchaser tracking.
  • Rearchitected a popular document authoring product in Word with VSTO and WPF – 2012.
  • Worked on enhancing an intranet website that manages tens of thousands of active directory users – 2014

Experience (PHP)

codeigniter / yii

  • OEM order management for dealer and buyer. assigns distributor based on address, visualize orders on map, separate buyer pricing
  • custom tailoring solution that tracks orders, production workflow etc (in development)
  • vehicle tracking management (proof of concept – 2010)


  • Various Admin and content creation plugins hosted here.
  • metro style plugin for managing tiles on a homepage and the similar plugin powering
  • maintenance of a Hong Kong based multilingual lifestyle website.
  • several simple sites for companies like ganiandsons.
  • plugin to segment a site into 3 parts (static pages, blog and catalog purchase) for a retail site (poc stage).

vanilla php and cakephp

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