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Admin UI Tweaks

NB: This was made in Aug 2013, since then wordpress has improved its widget add interface (you will see a Manage in Customizer link at the top of widgets.php) In WordPress the Widgets UI is great, but sometimes the widget you want to add is way at the bottom of the screen and the widget

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File Manager

WordPress media library is a little bothersome to use. Uploads go into a /2013/07/folder, are stored in the wp_posts table and all sorts of thumbnails are created. The shortcodes [link] for image (or documents) use a relative path to the sites assets/images folder. So [link src=sample.jpg] will expect assets/images/sample.jpg to exist and will link to

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Html Generator

Purpose Often in wordpress, its easier to build a page dynamically from php. Earlier I have tried running the php file on the fly (via a shortcode), but realised that this way, the content is not stored in the wp_posts table and will not be indexed / show up in site search. The solution to

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