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We are now the technology partners for YieldMore, a venture for quality and holistic progress.


Members is a web application that is ideal for trusts, NGOs (not-for-profit organizations) and Alumni.

We have these features
* member profiles (they can choose to be listed publically or not)
* groups and subgroups
* projects with donation targets
* subscriptions and invoices / payment gateway
* email and sms communications

It is being built using the latest version of Yii, with an experienced team and should be ready by June 2017.

It is open-source, hence free to use if you want to set it up yourself, but we look for a nominal donation of Rs 20000 with a 5000 sales commission. Higher amounts welcome!

Since we are supporting YieldMore, we ask that a link that says “Supporting” be placed in the footer.

An instance of this will be setup on in due course.

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